January 21, 2021



vijayabaskar minister: Corona vaccine: rumors spread will be severely punished – misinformation spread kovid vaccine Minister of Health vijayabaskar

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The minister spoke to the media after sending the vaccine to 9 districts including Trichy, Tanjore and Pudukottai in the Trichy region from the office of the Joint Director of Public Health and Family Welfare. Vijayabaskar“The federal government has announced that the vaccine will be given across India from the 16th.

Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu Edappadi Palanichamy begins. There is a dose of 5,36,500 Govt vaccine in Tamil Nadu. For the first phase, 6 lakh faxes have been booked.

In the Trichy region, 68,800 faxes have reached 9 districts, including Pudukottai, Thiruvarur, Karur, Ariyalur and Nagapattinam. About 100 people are vaccinated every day.

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The general public should not assume that immunity has come with vaccination
The second dose should be given on the 28th day after the first dose, followed by 42 days of immunity.

Alcohol is bad for your health. Those who receive the Govt vaccine should drink alcohol. Asked if anyone should vaccinate without fear, the minister said there was no need to isolate the vaccinators.

In Tamil Nadu, Govt’s incidence has dropped from 10 percent to 1.2 percent. Do not believe the rumors about the vaccine. He warned that action would be taken against those who spread misinformation on social networks.


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