January 21, 2021



vijay master: #MasterDisaster is trending on Twitter: Masterdisaster – masterdisaster is trending on Twitter

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  • Internet users who master the art
  • #MasterDisaster on Twitter Trend

Vijay, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Sethupathi, With Malavika Mohanan, Andrea, Chandanu among others Master The film is expected to be released today. Everyone who has seen the movie Vijay, Vijay They only speak of Sethupathi. Fans are wondering if Arjun Das scored from these two.

Vijay fans have stated that the main film is Master Blaster. I was proud to be interviewed as the heroine of Vijay Malavika, the film was criticized for being just a dummy piece. Those who have seen the master say that Andrea may not have played in the movie.

The hashtag #MasterDisaster is also trending nationally on Twitter. They tweeted the master for the injustice.

According to tweets posted under the hashtag #MasterDisaster,

The memes are set as Audley laughs mockingly after watching the main movie.
The master, however, should not be one of them.
Many complained that the master film was too long. Such a meme in the face of criticism that the first half shoots, the second half tests patience.
It is normal for Vijay to copy the style of the leader. But Rajinikanth fans have gone elsewhere saying it’s not okay to copy just for this.
What if Vijay takes off his shirt and shows off his fit body, goes to wash Vijay Sethupathi’s and teases him like that?

This is what Patti Suchindran told the master after trapping the release of Eeswaran


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