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valimai movie: Pongal treat for head fans: strength movie update! – new updates of valimai movie with ajith have been released

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Interview with the film released in 2019. H. Directed by Vinod, the film stars Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Abirami Venkatachalam and Andrea.

The simple look has earned director Vinod a good reputation. It was followed by the film ‘Strength’ by H. Directed by Vinod.

Ajith plays an IPS officer in the movie Valimai. Ajith reduced the weight of the police figure. In the film, his name would also be Arjun.

Ajith used to give blockbuster movies selecting family and emotional blending genres like “Father – Daughter in” Know Me “, Brother – Sister in” Vedalam “, Father – Daughter again in” Viswasam “. So this time the director Vinod has taken over the mother-son bond.
The director came to Chennai from Hyderabad to see the master film
Huma, who plays the heroine in the film, is also seen driving a ball. Huma, who has never ridden a bicycle before, is learning to ride a ball. Huma is used to cycling and driving on the roads of Mumbai.

Ashutosh Kumar, an actor from Kannada who played the role of an officer who refuses to give permission to Surya in the movie Surai, plays one of Ajith’s family members.

Raj Ayyappan, the villain of ‘Nooru’ with actor Adarva, plays Ajith’s brother. Apart from that, “North Chennai Powell Navageethan, Yogibabu for comedy, fame and many more are acting.
Suri looked at the master and criticized in a similar word
Director H used Hindi and Marathi actors in “Deeran” as well as many state actors. Vinod.

The film stars Telugu actor Karthikeya Kummakonda as the villain. He has acted as a hero in Telugu films for 3 years. He has so far played the role of hero in Premato Me Karthi, RX 100, Hippie Guna 369, 90 ML movies. The RX100 action film + novel became the biggest hit. Karthikeyan, who is an Ajith fan, wants to play with his favorite head and starred in this movie. For the film, he has been bringing a six-pack physique from Diet and Fitness Control for several months.
There is no Easwaran movie before Master: Producer Show!
Now he’s making his Tamil debut as a villain for actor Ajith. Also the Neeravsha cinematography for the film, Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music. The face-to-face crew of technicians also worked on the film.

Yuvan gave a song in the movie that expresses the love of the mother. Apart from that, Vignesh Sivan wrote a song for the film. The song is said to be the sparkling song of the year, as is the song “Aluma Doluma”.


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