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Thai Matha Rasi Palan 2021: Thai Moon 2021 Rasi Palan: Happy for your constellation! – solar transit to ibex rasi: sarvari tamil year thai month astrology prediction for all rasi in tamil

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Capricorn is the sun in January 2021. The sun is in combination with the planets Saturn, Guru and Mercury. Let’s show here the horoscope of such a great moon.

Thai Monthly Special

Just as there are two periods in the months like teapot and wax, so there are two parts in a year, Uttarayana and Dakshinayanam.

The 6-month period from January 1 to January is the period that the sun moves from southeast to north. It is a day of the gods. It is believed that those who die during this period will reach Moksha. Thai Pongal is celebrated on the day that such a time of worship begins.

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Your constellation Nathan Mars is about to sit in the Lord zodiac and give great benefits. You will complete as many jobs as you have ever considered. Arguments in the family, depression will go away. Get a fulfilling life.

5th place in the zodiac Lord Sun 10th place in karma, career position, your career will be better. Children will be looking for good news along the way. The children get new jobs. Deficits are eliminated and good profits are made. Starting a new business, retaining partners and developing the business. The month of Tai will be the month to reap such various benefits.

Worship: It is necessary to worship the deity.


Wednesday in 9th place for Pisces zodiac sign with Venus zodiac sign. Guru, the journey of Saturn with Saturn occurs. Your skill will improve as your 9th place gets stronger. You get leverage to grow your business faster and with less hassle. You will have euphoria.

All the benefits will come to you if you put in the effort and confidence to finish the thing you have this month.

How can you perform Koe Pongal?

Giving up and letting go of your arrogance and passion will get you love, support, and success in every way.

Opportunities to buy real estate such as home and land will arise as your income will improve. Women will wear clothes and jewelry. Marriage will result in well-being.


While it is a basic fact that Gemini usually has special benefits during the lunar month, it is important to be a little more careful with this method.

Since Guru, Saturn, and Mercury are in the sun, those in government jobs will get better benefits. People who are in a great position, like those who are lawyers and officers, do what they do and control it every now and then.

It is essential to avoid night travel during long distance travel. Being Ashtama Saturn will reduce physical health problems.

It is important to spend time with children to play and talk with them. Do not aggravate family problems.

Even if the sector and business people make a profit, you do not draw anything without reading it. Do not be deceived by trusting others. You will defeat enemies.

It needs to be a little more careful this month.


Guru, Saturn in 7th place for Kataka zodiac. This month will bring you a variety of beneficial benefits, as Mercury and the Sun are large planets. Lord Saturn in particular will bear good fruit.

For joint ventures and traders. This will be a great time for those who want to start a new business. Favorable things like career interviews, marriage changes the level of drag on the interviews and you get a positive advantage.

You get leverage to grow your business faster. Your courage may change if you become reluctant to do what you set out to do.

Your father needs to be careful about your partner’s health. It will be the best month to get rid of the stigma and get a good name and fame.

Officers will be given new positions and responsibilities. There will be work-related trips. Displacement may occur. Opportunity to buy new house, land.

The lion

Leo zodiac sign with Sun as its zodiac sign can get several benefits this month of January. When the sun is in 6th place, you get the benefit of sub Jaya, and because it is also your constellation, you get complete success in whatever you want to do.

This period will bring progress and they will have unexpected success and progress even for the hard working people who are on the edge.

What to do if God healed? What not to do?

There will be good happy moments in the family.

Promotion in office, promotion will likely be available. There will be a positive relocation.

Good benefit by children. Guru sees the 12th place and so forth to your favorite place. Opportunity to go on spiritual tourism. You get what you pay for.


The month of Tai will be a beautiful month where all the things that Virgos thought could end happily.

Thoughts happen. Family members to accompany you. Surrounded there will be those in the community. Make good friends. There will be wonderful opportunities for young people to get new jobs and career opportunities. Some benefits will happen through speakers in foreign languages. Cash gain will be better.

Happiness in the family is better. Good news for those who have been expecting a baby for a long time.

Through the grace of Guru Bhagavan, your efforts will be successful. Take advantage of travel. Benefit by the opposite sex.


While there are many benefits to working hard, you can still see progress. You will have to be careful about all matters this month. Cause cracks.

Saturn’s system is likely to cause health problems for you and your parents. Make sure you read and act well when you draw for yourself or someone else.

Speech requires active focus. We need to focus on who we are talking to and what we are saying.

Entrepreneurs will have to travel more. There will be excitement. Guru Bhagavan will get new careers and jobs.

Saturn can cause quarrels in the relationship. The sun should focus on physical health. Health can be a problem even when the benefits are high.

Be careful, because your careless activity can lead to big problems.


Scorpio has many benefits this month. Good deeds happen to you through relatives, strangers and others. It takes interest and attention to get it. Get the good fruit they give.

Realize this and get ready for the opportunity and benefits that come your way. Whether or not to try, because the actions you are attempting will be successful.

The sun, the 10th lord of the zodiac, is in 3rd place, so winning the competition and races and defeating the enemies will give you career and business advancement. Your courage will increase.

Because Saturn is in 3rd place, you will have some problems at home. Friends and relatives should focus on word play.

Having Rahu in 7 can cause some health problems for everyone in the couple.


Sagittarius will be a month that can bring celebration and make progress that you can not even trust. Your constellation Nathan Thangaragan Guru Bhagavan will be in place, which will give you good financial progress.

You are now about to reap the benefits of the hard work you have put in so far. The money you owe and the money you owe will come.

Here is a simple remedy that every constellation must do to get lucky!

As a result of Saturn, you may have problems with others through events such as sloppy talking and doing. In any situation, it is important to fully listen to what the next person has to say and to understand and talk about it. It is important to be careful in speech and action.

There will be a good environment where Ragu can defeat enemies. Although it can bring good progress and profit in the sector. It is better to be a little careful with the cost.


Be careful in all respects. It will be a tumultuous month. No matter what you do, you have to put in a lot of effort. You may not be able to sit still for a while. However, do not give up your determination.

Being in Rahu 5 can cause problems between parents and children. Problem solving and acting comfortably.

You get leverage to grow your business faster. However, it is important to know your suitability and take out a loan. Getting a large loan can be problematic as it happens on Saturday at 7pm.

You can start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start-up costs. New job opportunities, job opportunities are available. But before you buy a company, it is important to consult your horoscope with an astrologer.


Your constellation will have an environment where you have to do a lot of travel, spiritual travel, career, career related travel. This can save you money.

There will be a favorable event. Can behave well. Possibility to buy a new house or land. For some, ownership and benefits of motherhood will result.

Ragu can cause health problems for women. Problems with Ketuwal travel can upset stomach.

However, the structure of the sun gives it the power to overcome all kinds of problems.

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Regardless of your income this month, you need to concentrate a little on spending, as your savings are likely to melt, as travel costs can increase.

It is good for these zodiac signs to worship Shiva in the month of Tai, because the sun and the Guru are associated with the grace of Shiva.

The fish

You will get the highest benefits in the month of January for Pisces under the constellations. If your horoscope is better, you will get incredible great benefits.

Entrepreneurs have the biggest advantage. You will get rid of the health problems and physical ailments that you have had so far and function with health. Strength will increase.

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The Saturn Bhagavan system will bring superiority and happiness to your family. Good news for those waiting for an opportunity abroad. Profit will not decrease.

Ragu will benefit by being younger than you.


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