January 23, 2021



salem is raining: is it raining during Pongal? Salem is useless for all that ..! – pongale shopping was done in pure people and sellers were worried

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Pongal In the context of the festive atmosphere, people, despite the stormy weather, gather people in the Attur area to buy Pongal items. Folk The audience was amazed.

Pongal, the main festival of the Tamils, is celebrated on January 14 all over the world.

This in turn will lead to backup events in homes, businesses and stores. Avarambu, farm flower and marten branch are inserted and celebrated. In addition, Pongal will be held to pay tribute to the cows that support agriculture.

On the day of Cow Pongal, the farmers celebrated the Cow Pongal by painting the cow, wearing beads around the neck and wearing new ropes.

In the meantime, Avarambu, Pannai Poo, Veppilai, Sankaranti, brought from the countryside to celebrate the Bogi Festival, Gongelstok, Yellow bouquet, and other articles such as cow ropes, strings, bells, conical ropes tied around the neck of cows Salem Traders sell at the curbs in the main urban areas of the Attur district.

Tomorrow is Farmers’ Day … but farmers who have not celebrated Pongal for three years!

But in the Attur area Rein Traders and people who come to buy goods were severely uncomfortable when they left.

However, most waited in the shops to buy Pongal items despite the rain. Similarly, traders complain that the company was slow this year due to continuous rains.


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