January 21, 2021



return bjp: Chicken Rice Daralana will cause religious riots: BJP driver Adavati! – if travel is not given for free, we will carry out religious riots, says bjp director in Chennai

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In the middle BJP The government has had several burdens since its inception, including in the name of religion.

With the BJP not having a strong base in Tamil Nadu, rowdies from every constituency join their party because they still have to add people to the party. The rowdies are also said to be taking refuge in the BJP to hide and escape in the name of the party.

Every now and then, some local BJP members have been involved in atrocities, claiming that the BJP rules in the middle. in this situation கேனி்லிக்கேனி A BJP regional secretary has threatened to ask for horse rice from a shop on Muthiah Street after drinking alcohol.
Pongal Gift of 2500 Rs – Tamil Nadu Government Reports Happy News!
“I will call Amit Shah BA, the regional secretary of BJP for Tiruvallikeni. We will carry out religious rallies so that 1000 people can stay in Redia,” he threatened.

The police stood by to see that he made such threats. He was acquitted and deported without action. This scene is expanding its reach on social media.
Pongaal gift with copper pot: ministerial distribution!
The BJP has already been accused on social media of picking up Anda Briyani during a riot in Coimbatore. In this case, the video that says we will carry out religious riots for chicken rice is viralOC Chicken Rice See trending ‘BJP’.


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