January 23, 2021



reopen tn school: திறக்ளிக்கூடம் திறக்குறது ஒகே … செய்லாம் செய்யுங்க: முதல்வர்களுக்கு TNSF கடிதம் – tnsf tamilnadu letters cm edappadi palaniswami to take action at school reopening

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In connection with the request to formulate and implement the Corona Epidemic Curriculum, Tamil Nadu General Secretary S. on behalf of the Scientific Movement. This is a letter sent by Subramani to the Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Hi there.
Tamil Nadu Scientific movement The organization has been involved in the dissemination of education and science since 1980.

The organization served as State Coordinator of the Enlightenment Movement in the 1990s. Since then, we have done a variety of work to support process learning and ongoing and holistic evaluation. We continue to do many things in the development of schooling in Tamil Nadu.

In this context, we are submitting this petition to protect the education of the poor and simple schoolchildren in Tamil Nadu in order to develop the curriculum in line with the Corona epidemic.

The Tamil Nadu Science Movement commends the government of Tamil Nadu for its excellent work in bringing various welfare and dried grains to the students during the Korana plague.

Why control air pollution? … Case against the Tamil Nadu government !!

It is not healthy for the environment not to meet the educational needs of children in the long run. This certainly has many desirable consequences.

Especially in that sense The educational needs of students in grades one through eight are not only considered from the perspective of school opening Alternative plans can be considered. It is possible to maintain small academic activities at regular intervals in various areas such as math, literacy and scientific vision.

For this, a simple syllabus can be prepared and trained with various educational materials.

The Tamil Nadu Science Movement has conducted such activities on a trial basis under the name of Sits Center where possible.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some other organizations are also involved in small activities

In this context, we ask the Department of Education of the State of Tamil Nadu to come forward to develop a curriculum that simplifies these educational activities in Quranic time and their teaching methods and functions.

We would like to remind you that last June we submitted a comprehensive request to the government on the recommendation of the Academic Committee set up on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Science Movement to focus on this. The need for that request is very high and relevant in the current context.

As an organization with more than 30 years of experience in such activities, we would like to inform you that the Tamil Nadu Science Movement is ready to help with its own resources.

For the time being,

S. Subramani, General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Science Movement has forwarded this letter directly to the Prime Minister and to some other departments.

Specific copy of:

1) Minister of School Education,

2) Secretary of School Education,

3) Commissioner of School Education,

4) Director of School Education,

5) Sent to the Director of Primary Education.


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