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Remedies to Attract Wealth: Here is a simple remedy that every zodiac sign should do to get lucky! – simple astrological remedies for obtaining wealth and prosperity in tamil

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The astrological rule is that the good and bad benefits he can get in a human birth depend on his actions and self-horoscope.
However, some of our simple remedies will probably alleviate our suffering if we come to do so. Here are the simple remedies that every zodiac sign should do …


Ram is the best solution to help their relatives financially so that they can have a good life, even in difficult times. The best remedy is to help those who are born with the grace of Lord Mars on the zodiac.


Venus is the lord of the zodiac of Pisces. That every Friday, when he carries his favorite white flowers in his hand, the running river water must stand in the stream and sing the mantra “Om Sukraye Namah” 6 times and those flowers fall into the water. White food item, grains can be donated.


Gemini people should worship Mahalakshmi daily. Worshiping Palani Murugan and staying there one day and worshiping Murugan and giving poverty to the beggars will remove the sins we have committed and bring benefits in various ways in life.


Lunfisy over cross-zodiac is excellent. These animal belt signs use green and white clothing and handkerchiefs to remove the feet in various ways and bring happiness and benefits.

The lion

Leo zodiac sir Lord. It is very important to take a bath on the 7th day of each month and worship the sun clean, worship Surya Narayana and worship Lord Vishnu.


Virgos are required to worship Lord Mercury in the Navagrahas. It is fortunate to live in a lightly ventilated and not-so-close area where the residence is not a busy area.


Libra zodiac Nathan Venus lord (Venus). If you always want to get good results in your life, you can get good results by giving a spinach and fruit to a white calf on Friday.


If Scorpios always want to get favorable benefits, it is necessary to visit your Kula Deva temple once every six months.


Sagittarius Lord Guru Bhagavan. That for those born in Sagittarius, on Thursday can give so much alms, worship Guru Bhagavan with yellow flowers, offer sweets as a treat for the fans, and lighting a ghee lamp will give the best result.


If Capricorns want to get the best happiness in their lives, they can get the best results by worshiping Lord Murugan on Fridays and Rama and Hanuman on Saturdays.


Lord Saturn is the lord of Aquarius. So it is better to worship Shiva every Saturday and worship Lord Saturn in the Navagrahas by lighting a good oil lamp and leaving it to the crow before eating breakfast.

The fish

Guru Bhagavan is the lord of Pisces. You can make good progress in your life by worshiping at the Jiva Samadhi places of the Siddhas to receive the grace of the Guru and by going to the temple of Guru Bhagavan for worship.


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