January 21, 2021



Rajinikanth: Raghava Lawrence apologizes to Rajinikanth fans! – raghava lawrence apologizes to rajini fans!

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An actor who is a superstar of the Tamil film industry Rajinikanth, Announced the launch of the holiday a few days ago and actively participated in its preparations. But after returning home from hospital treatment due to health issues, he suddenly caused a stir by issuing a statement withdrawing his political statement.

Rajinikanth’s announcement was welcomed by all political parties in Tamil Nadu. Rajini Fans couldn’t come to terms with his decision. Despite the support of celebrities and some fans for Rajinikanth’s decision, some fans continued to protest Rajinikanth’s decision and continued to protest outside Rajinikanth’s house. The incident in which a fan tried to take a bath outside Rajinikanth’s house caused a stir.

Likewise, more than 500 of his fans gathered in Chennai Valluvar Kottam to protest, urging superstar Rajinikanth to get into politics. From abroad, Rajini fans took to the streets on buses, chanting slogans that the leader should get into politics and demanding that he change his mind about politics.

Vijaykitteyeva, he is Gilliache: do not disperse

In this case, the actor Raghav LawrenceRajini apologized to fans and released a statement on Twitter. That’s what he said in his statement. “Many have asked me to join the fight in Valluvar Kottam. I have heard many voice notes through Director Sai Ramani and even now many are asking the president to change his decision. That is why I am publishing this report now.

I face the same pain you all feel because of her decision. If the chef says another reason, we may have asked him the question, but the chef’s main reason is his health. If we ask Him, if He changes his decision again, if anything happens to Him, we should all live with that guilt for the rest of our lives.

He will still be my guru even without entering politics. I know his health because I speak to him closely. Now all we have to do is pray for his good health and peace. He will always remain in my prayers. Crewe String. So it is said.


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