January 23, 2021



polio vaccination: Polio vaccination date announced in India! – when drips for polyvaccination are given on the announced date that India is announced

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Polio If India is on the non-existent list, it is because regular polio drops are given. In our country, the government comes forward every year and polio Drip Camps are set up to provide free polio drops to children up to the age of five.

In this regard, it was announced that the current polio vaccination camp will be held for 3 days from 17 January. Mar, Corona The newly announced polio vaccination camp has been postponed because vaccination work is set to begin on January 16.

In this regard, it has been announced that the polio vaccination camp will be held on January 31st. President Ramnath Govind opens polio vaccination camp on January 30.

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Although the poliovirus could not be completely eradicated, the polio vaccine was invented to inactivate, control and prevent the spread of the disease. It is important to note that this may well take you away from polio. Therefore, the general public is called upon to make polio vaccination compulsory for their children.


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