January 21, 2021



periyar book issue arjun sampath: Trying to lure riots in Periyar’s name: This is Arjun Sampath’s explanation! – arjun sampath condemns arrest of Hindu-makkal katchi members and clarifies burning periyar books

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The leader of the Hindu People’s Party Arjun Sampath The statement said:
Bogi festival is celebrated all over Tamil Nadu. Periyar’s ideas, actions, books, writings and speeches are against the sovereignty of Hindus, Indian sovereignty and Hindu beliefs associated with this festival.

Recently DNPSC. Even in the exam, there were many questions about Periyar’s Dravidian principles. The Dravidian movement does great damage to Tamil Nadu. Therefore, in order to save Tamil Nadu, who was trapped in Dravidian darkness, and to rediscover the spiritual light, Periyar’s books were lit and celebrated during this Poki festival Hindu People’s Party Who decided.

So save. The incident, which took place at Prasanna Swamy’s house, was stopped and arrested by the police. Police have also arrested and detained directors, including ‘Lunch’ Ravi and trade union leader Karthi of Sulur, in sections where they could not be released on bail.

Dravidian organizations and Naxal movements have repeatedly protested by burning books, including our holy books Ramayana Bhagavad Gita Mahabharata Periyapuranam. The police were not involved in such activities when they were involved in incidents such as the demolition of the Pillaiyar statue, the beating of the Rama statue, the beating of Dravidar Kazhaka’s headquarters in Chennai and the wearing of a pig’s poonul.

To the Periyar statue … Burning books: An attempt to attract a riot?

It is reprehensible that directors of the Hindu People’s Party have been arrested for trying to celebrate the Bogi festival by buying books at their own expense and igniting ideas in his house.

Thirumavalavan, Seeman, ensfh. Have insulted and insulted the Hindu gods many times. No such action was taken against them. It is unfortunate that the police acted unilaterally.

I demand the immediate withdrawal of the case filed against the volunteers of the Hindu People’s Party and the release of the directors of the Hindu People’s Party. Your excellence in this regard Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu We want to inform you that we take note of it.
So stated.


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