January 23, 2021



Parthiban: Seeman துக்ளக் தர்பாரில் சீமானை கலாய்க்கிறேனா ?: பார்த்திபன் விளக்கம் – Appearance, Tughlaq Durbar Rasiman Issue: Parthiban gives explanations

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Strong points:

  • Parthiban’s explanation of the Tughlaq Darbar problem
  • Seeman and Parthiban tweeted about Rasiman case

Vijay Sethupathi, directed by Deenadayalan Parthiban, With Rashi Khanna et al Tughlaq Darbar The trailer for the film was released and impressed fans. Fans who saw Vijay Sethupathi’s performance said: “There is a treat.”
Bought, let’s collide directly: Vambilukkum Vijay SethupathiTughlaq Darbar plays a politician named Parthiban Rasiman in the film. In this situation, we, the Tamil Party, who saw the trailer released, expressed strong opposition.

We, the leaders of the Tamil Party, said that if you look at the posters provided in the trailer, it looks like our party poster. Parthiban’s character is Rasiman who refers to Seeman. It was alleged that the party flag and its color were similar to the Tamil party flag.

They did this to make our brother Seeman ugly. We, the Tamil party, demanded that the footage be removed immediately.

In this case, Parthiban said on Twitter,

Friend Marine I explained Tughlaq Darbar to them directly. He too responded generously. The name Rasiman wasn’t meant to be boring. I wouldn’t have done it if it had been. So far, I am not affiliated with any party.
(The new path is ours) However, I will not allow myself to laugh at the efforts of the comrades “Naam Tamilar” who work tirelessly to achieve their ambitious goal. So I told the manager about the name problem that happened unintentionally and said I was trying to change the name to Rasiman.


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