Study at Home – Make the Most of Your Life

0 commentsSTUDY IN UKThe Internet has made home-based learning even easier.

With today’s highly competitive job market, many people are coming back to improve their skills. Others pursue their studies more for special interest or simply to improve their knowledge or broaden their experience. In both cases, an additional study is an excellent option for many people and more and more people benefit. In addition, the ….  Read More

Cycling for Charities – California Wildfire Case Study

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe fires in California in October 2007 were already devastating

The fires in California in October 2007 were already devastating and many people want to raise money to help. Unfortunately, many illegal artists come out of the forest after a natural disaster to raise money and earn income. Well, these 23 fires in California have been normal so far, I’m not convinced that fires in ….  Read More

Is there really a link between dietary fat and heart disease?

0 commentsSTUDY IN USAThere are two main types of fat: unsaturated and saturated

There are two main types of fat: unsaturated and saturated. The main difference between them is that unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature, while saturated fats are solid or semi-solid in the same temperature range. Unsaturated fats generally come from plant and animal sources such as fish. Most fats of animal origin (as well ….  Read More

Neptune paves the way for American spirituality. Are we dreaming an impossible dream?

0 commentsSTUDY IN USAwe are dreaming an impossible dream

At the time of the declaration of independence of the United States, a new country was born, designed to thwart the current conditions of the foreign government and the need of individual freedom of our founding fathers. These men were merchants, farmers and people who had never been trained in war or self-government. They were ….  Read More