January 23, 2021



new covid: New corona in 50 countries: Danger comes at astonishing speed! – uk covid tribe spread to 50 reporting countries

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A powerful corona virus that can spread 70% faster than an already spreading corona was discovered on December 14 in the United Kingdom.

Many countries try to prevent the virus from spreading to other countries Britain Interim flights were prohibited. However, those who traveled before the ban came into force traveled to different countries Not Corona Distribution.

In this case, the new corona has spread to 50 countries world health organization Reported. Experimental statistics show that the virus spreads very quickly.

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Another mutant corona virus has spread in South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom. The World Health Organization says the virus has spread to about 20 countries. However, it has been reported that the virus does not cause any adverse health effects.

The World Health Organization warns that the rate at which these two viruses are spreading worldwide. Two days before the World Health Organization consulted with 1,750 international scientific researchers to discuss the new corona.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is investigating the impact of mutated new corona viruses, including the severity of the disease, including vaccination and testing.


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