January 21, 2021



masteramerica: Vijay is a treasure for us: American theaters rent! – the administrations of the American theater salute the master film

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Master“The film was released yesterday in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam and was well received. Commander Vijay in the Lokesh Kanagaraj movement, Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi featured “Master”.

Released in Telugu in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, the film was well received from day one, according to Telugu distributor Mahesh Koneru.

In this regard, the management of the American theater thanked the “Master” team for their emphasis on theaters other than ODT releases.

“Master” was released not only in Tamil Nadu but also abroad as planned. Hamsini Entertainment is delighted to have been well received abroad.

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The company owns publishing rights in UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Hamsini Entertainment’s Production Manager at an overseas reception Vivek Ravichandran He said: “Theaters are not yet open in the UK and Europe. United States We released “Master” when theaters opened in Australia and New Zealand. “Master” received more united support than expected.

The controversy over regime change in the United States continues to be a corona threat. Even so, the theaters are not yet open in the state of California. We only released the film “Master” in other provinces. There we had the full cooperation of distributors and theater owners. Everyone knows Vijay.

In particular, Cinemark and AMC Theater Management sent an email praising the “Master” film crew. Thank you for helping us cherish the photo during this difficult time. Thank you also to those who have waited so long during this difficult time and only highlighted the theatrical release.

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That’s because Hollywood movies, including “Wonder Woman,” released on ODT the day they hit theaters. Without making any effort to do so, they flexibly thanked the “master” film crew for focusing only on the theater.

About 90% of theaters said they had our support for the movie “Master” for this decision. Only 30% of seats are allowed in the United States. “Master” was also well received by the people there. Thanks to everyone who trusted our Hamsini Entertainment and gave us rooms.

No South Indian film has recorded an unprecedented first day in Australia and New Zealand. We are even more excited because we are allowed to run with 50% more seats.

Distributors and theater owners were thrilled with the movie Vijay. “Master” has been released in around 90% of theaters in Australia and New Zealand. We are grateful to all theaters for their full cooperation. Because so far, no Tamil film has been shown in so many theaters. Glad this effort was made possible by Hamsini Entertainment.

Thanks to Lalith Kumar for trusting Hamsini Entertainment and entrusting us with foreign ownership, ”said Vivek Ravichandran.


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