January 21, 2021



master vijay: eeswaran exit

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Suchindran saw the first scene of the first day of the master film. He couldn’t help but admire the photo.


The main film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi was released today. Vijay fans who have seen the film are all thrilled. Others say it’s not a Lokesh movie, it’s a Vijay movie. We went to the theater in anticipation and were betrayed. The movie is too long, social media users said at the end of the second half. Vijay fans have said we love the movie no matter what anyone says. In this situation, Suchindran Vijay, who directs the film Eeswaran who accompanies the master for this Pongal, saw the film and praised it.


The video of Suchindran praising the master has been released. According to Suchindran in the video, I saw Vijay’s main film. I saw the first scene of the first day in our city. It would have been like coming to a big festival a year later. My favorite movie master with Vijay after the gun. It’s a masterpiece. Vijay said he had done very well.

Master Pongal

Kudos to Lokesh Kanagaraj for filming a script like this for Vijay Sara. The way the script is handled is fantastic. Have a great time at every casting. Especially the character of Vijay Sethupathi is awesome. He made the wickedness very enjoyable. This film is definitely going to be a huge success for this Pongal. Formerly Pokkiri Pongal is Master Pongal. “My sincere congratulations to Vijay Sara, his fans, Sethu and Lokesh Kanagaraj,” Suchindran said.


The Simbu star ‘Eeswaran’ directed by Suchindran hits theaters tomorrow. In this case, Vijay fans felt when they heard Suchindranath say that it was Master Pongal. Have a great mind to appreciate like that, it’s up to you. Vijay fans praised Suswaran for winning Eeswaran. Cinema fans who watched Suchindranath’s video also praised his good humor.


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