January 21, 2021



main promo video: விஜய்கிட்டேயேவா, அவர் தான் கில்லியாச்சே: தெறிக்கவிட்டுடாருல – the main promotion showing that vijay in action mode is released

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Strong points:

  • Vijay showing mass in main promo video
  • Can you approach Vijay and listen to Kabaddi’s passage?

Vijay, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Sethupathi, A masterpiece starring Malavika Mohanan hits theaters tomorrow as a Pongal Festival Special. In this case, they released a new poster.

They release a promo video every day at 6 p.m. to make fans happy with the main release. In this case, the new poster was released by Anna King Da. The product side tweeted expecting a quality promo at 5pm today, keep up the good content.
Fans who saw the tweet said the promo was going to be a nod to Asami, who leaked images of the masterpiece. In this case, the promotional video was released as advertised.
in this video Vijay Kabaddi auditioned. Goblin looks at Killian Vijay and asks him if he knows anything about this game. Fans are thrilled that we are waiting for a video like this.

Someone has leaked footage of the main movie online ahead of its release tomorrow. They donated the image to a popular digital company to send it overseas. It was reported that someone working for the company leaked the footage.

This Chennai native is the one who leaked the main image: viral photo

Vijay fans posted a photo of a teenager on social networking sites claiming the master leaked the images. We can’t wait to see him in person and give him a Pongal gift and fans have asked if the address is available.

Meanwhile, fans of the main film crew, filmmakers, and other actors have asked people not to share the video for the league.


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