January 23, 2021



leena dog urine: The woman who drinks dog urine every day … Be shocked to hear the reason! – our girl leena drinks dog urine every day to maintain her beauty

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A woman drinks dog urine every day for a strange reason. Aside from the fact that he drinks dog urine daily is fun, you will be shocked to see the reason he gives for it.

Animal urine

Drinking animal urine is nothing new. A cow considered sacred in India drinks its urine. It is also said that diseases cure. But there is no scientific evidence for that.

Beauty Tips

People all over the world follow different ways to keep their beauty and skin glowing. But a woman named Lena from the United States easily maintains her beauty of her pet dog.

Here are some new tips

Lena drinks daily urine from her dog. Lena says her skin is glowing and there are no pimples on her face.

Urine rich in vitamins?

Lena says that dog urine is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium. He also says that drinking dog urine does not cause cancer. It is noteworthy that there is no scientific evidence for this either.

டா்போச போச்சு

Despite the fear when the dog drinks the urine for the first time, Lena says she is used to walking. But Lena says the pimples disappeared in a few weeks. It has become a topic of discussion on social media after Lena started talking about it.


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