January 23, 2021



karnataka school reopens: Opening of schools: New date released – Advice for educational key! – karnataka education department consultation on schools reopens from 15 January

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Karnataka For all classes in the state Schools The government is consulting on the opening. Talk to journalists in Samraja Nagar in this regard, the beginner and intermediary Department of Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar, The first schools were opened on the 1st of last month for 10 and Pu2 students. Appropriate precautionary measures were taken when the schools reopened after nine months. I have personally visited and inspected 150 – 170 schools and peek high schools.

I asked how the mood of the students and parents was there. Everyone seemed to be happily learning. And systematically follow safety procedures. Some say why not take action to open schools and colleges in advance Students Question.

Who has a seat in the cabinet? The CM that will break the tension!
Curriculum guide for 10th and PU 2nd year students will be published shortly by the Government. This will be useful for teachers to teach. Further lessons can be systematically learned and evaluated within a specific time frame. I asked the students if they could pass the next class without exams.

The answer is often no. Need, JEE said that it is not possible to pass the competitive exams without writing the general exams.

Suri looked at the master and criticized in a similar word
In this context, parents have called on schools to be open to other classes of the 15th grade. Medical experts, Akademisy The Department of State Education is in serious consultation with


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