January 21, 2021



Hema Malini: Farmers Know Nothing: Famous Actress Controversial Comment! – protesting farmers do not know what they want says hema malini

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People from various states, including Punjab and Haryana, are demanding the repeal of the agricultural laws introduced by the central government. Farmers In Delhi Struggle Conduct. The central government has so far held eight rounds of talks with the struggling farmers.

During the 6th phase of negotiations with the Central Government, an agreement was reached on two demands of the farmers: lifting of the fine imposed on farmers for incineration of agricultural waste and amendments to the bill for electricity.

But the two main requirements of the farmers, namely the minimum resource price and the repeal of agricultural laws, have not been met. In particular, the most important question of farmers is the repeal of all three agricultural laws. The next round of talks is scheduled to resume at 15 p.m.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court suspended all three laws during the hearing of the case. In addition, the Supreme Court has set up a membership committee to hear the views of farmers and the views of the Central Government. However, the farmers have announced that their struggle will continue.

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In this case, the famous Bollywood actress and Uttar Pradesh Mathura constituency MP Hema Malini, Said the suspension of the Supreme Court of agricultural laws would calm the situation.

Hema Malini said the farmers were not ready to reach a consensus because the talks took place in different phases, adding that the farmers were controversial because they did not know what they wanted and what in the agricultural laws was and that the peasants became involved in the struggle by listening to some. Hema Malini also said there was nothing to talk about with the farmers.


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