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Hanuman Jeyanti 2021 Date: இன்று அனுமன் ஜெயந்தி 2021 – நெஞ்சை பிளந்து சீதா ராமன் இருப்பதை காட்டிய ஆஞ்சநேயர் புராண கதை – hanuman jayanti date: hanuman opens his chest to show everyone a picture of lord rama and sita

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It was Rama Bhakta Hanuman who realized that there was no one superior to him to pay dedication to Rama. Here we see the miraculous event of her heart that breaks when she realized that Rama and goddess Sita were in her heart to realize this.

Rama Pattabhishekam:

Arrangements were made to baptize Raman, who returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The city of Ayodhya itself was the center of the festivities. Although the people lived without any defect under the rule of Bharathan who reigned 14 years in the name of Raman, it was only on the day of Raman Pattabhishekam that real joy and happiness came in the face of the people.

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At the singing of the Vedas, hymns were sung and Rama was consecrated with theerthams brought from the sacred rivers. People were soaked in a shower of joy.

The people of the land, the sages and even the gods were driving boomari when they saw Rama and Godin Sita sitting on the throne.

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Sri Rama and Sita Devi sat on the throne and Hanuman sat humbly at the feet of Rama. Angadano carried a broken sword. Bharathan had a white umbrella for Raman. Lakshmanan and Sathurukkanan cast white samaram.

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The crown was given to Ramaphran by the Raghu Kula Guru Vashishta Sage, who took the crown from the elders. The people were very happy that Sri Raman was the king.

Hanuman Jayanti fasted to give all blessings!

Raman praised Hanuman’s help

Seeing the conclusion at his feet, Ramaphron said, ‘How can I describe your noble love. No one can compare like you in helping. Nothing can measure your love. There is no one like you who can help without looking at the exchange.

What will I exchange for your help. I can pay nothing more than my love ‘, Hanuman hugged her to his chest and burst into tears.

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Sita Devi gifted to Hanuman:

Appreciating Hanuman’s help and talent, he gave him a glowing pearl as a gift. With pleasure received, Hanuman tore the pearl one by one and began to bite each pearl. The congregation was shocked to see this.

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Sri Raman in pearls

Everyone started talking in a way that Hanuman was crazy about. But Raman knows very well why Hanuman did that. However, to express his devotion to everyone, ‘Hanuman, why did you do this?’ He asked.

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Anjanai Maintano replied: ‘I thought it would be the image of you two in the pearl sling that Sita Devi gave, for whom Prabhu loves so much, and I broke it one by one. But none of them have you Mr. figure. Your Lord said I do not need an unnamed object.

Did you know that Hanuman’s car is a camel? … Where is that vehicle … Let’s find out …

Hanuman split his heart

Those in the congregation who heard this said that they would give such a reason to justify the pollution of the pearl.

Ramano, who was listening here, said, ‘Then can you prove that I am in you, who always says he thinks of me?’ As asked.

Did Raman kill Ravana just for Sita? … This is the real reason …

While everyone thought Hanuman was comfortable in prison, he was passionate that Sri Raman was in me now and showed that Sri Rama and Sita Devi were in it. Then everyone was amazed at Hanuman’s boundless love.

Is it because of the curse of goddess Parvati to burn Sri Lanka from Ravana by Hanuman?

Hanuman Jayanthi:

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to show the world the pride of Hanuman as an example of devotion to Rama.

Only in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is Hanuman Jayanti celebrated in the month of Markazhi on the auspicious day when the original star and the new moon meet.

This year, Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on January 12, 2021 (March 28).

In other Vaikasi wax states, Hanuman Jayanti is observed on Tasami Tithi.

Why butter, wreath, wreath for Hanuman?

In all Vaishnava temples, special poojas and ornaments are usually performed for Hanuman on that day.

Hanuman’s favorites:

On the day of Vayuputhiran Anjaneyar Jayanti it is customary for the adherents to fasten and worship Tulsi wreath, Vada wreath, betel leaf circle and butter bracelet.


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