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Hanuman Elarai Sani Pariharam: கு்கு பிடித்த ஏழரை சனி: துன்பத்திற்கே துன்பம் கொடுத்த மாருதி – how hanuman deals with elarai sani time: why we worship Hanuman during shani sade sati in tamil

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What did Hanuman, the great follower of Sri Rama, do when Saturn caught seven. Why should we worship Hanuman on the seventh Saturday. Here we will look in detail at the pride of Anjaneyar who made Lord Saturn the work of Sri Rama.

Hanuman in Raman’s work

Sri Raman was the one who destroyed Dharma in the Three Times and appeared to establish Dharma. To help him, Lord Shiva incarnated as the son of Vayu Bhagavan and the Gandharva wife and became known as Hanuman.

Hanuman in Raman’s work

Work had been done to build a bridge over the sea to Sri Lanka to destroy Ravana and save Godin Sita. The monkey forces including Hanuman, Sukrivan and Angathan were involved in the task.

Each of the monkey warriors brought as many trees and rocks as they could and put them on the bridge.

Sri Rama and Lakshman gave blessings to those who came with the intention of building a bridge. Hanuman wrote ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ on all the rocks and trees and threw them into the sea to build a bridge.

Request from Saturn:

Then it was time for Hanuman to capture seven Saturns. That Sri Rama, Saneeswaran who appeared before Lakshmanan, said: ‘Sir, it is time that your servant Anjaneyar will capture seven Saturns. Do not get me wrong. Let him catch up. ‘

To which Sri Raman replied, ‘We are doing our duty. You can do your duty too. Yeast if possible. ”

Hanuman who brought Sanjeevi hill – Vellore Great Anjaneyar temple special

Hanuman’s favorite sand is Saturn

Saturn appeared before Hanuman and said, “Hanuman, I have come to Saturn. I have come to catch you, because it is thirty-seven for you. Give yourself a place in your body to catch you.”

Did Raman kill Ravana just for Sita? … This is the real reason …

Anumano replied, ‘I am carrying out the task of rescuing Godin Sita from Ravana’s prison and adding her to Sri Rama. I’m also looking for you if you can add goddess Sita to Rama. Then you can spread over my body and haunt me. ”

Saturn is sitting on its head

Saturn Bhagavan said, “I grab one at the right time and go at the right time. I can also not violate the rule set by Kaladevan. You can not violate either. So tell me what part of your body I can catch. ‘

Hanuman said, “Do not do all your duty by sitting on my head, because the head is the main part of the body.

Did you know that Hanuman’s car is a camel? … Where is that vehicle … Let’s find out …

Saneeswaran in pain

Hanuman, who until then had carried a common rock, sat on Saneeswaran’s head, wrote Jai Sri Raman on larger rocks than before, and threw it into the sea with it on his head.

Until now, Hanuman bore the brunt of great rocks. But Saneeswaran, who was currently sitting on Hanuman’s head, had to carry.

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Unable to bear the burden, Saneeswaran jumped slightly from Hanuman’s head.

His Saturn Lord

To ask Hanuman if you left me within seven and a half years, I caught up with you and followed up on you in the latest age aspect of Parameswaran. He said this method had failed.

No. You won this time. I mean, you caught me for seven and a half seconds instead of seven and a half years, ‘Hanuman said.

I also had the privilege of participating in the service of Rama when I carried the rock as Sri Rama Jayam carried on me. That I want to give you some advantage, said Saturn.

Is it because of the curse of goddess Parvati to burn Sri Lanka from Ravana by Hanuman?

Anumano asked the bean, “Even if it is seven and a half Saturns for the one who utters the name of Rama with devotion, you are the one who must wait and have mercy on him.”

It is said that the best means for those who worship Saturn since that day is to worship Sri Rama and Anumana.


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