The “I Support Great Britain” campaign in the late 1960s was a resounding success.

It started after five secretaries from a heating company volunteered to work an extra half hour a day without pay to do their part for the declining economy.

Then it turned into a rallying cry to buy British goods, from food to cars. Something similar is surely needed now.

Homemade: John Lewis wallpaper. The designs are printed in Loughborough on the same site made famous by the designs of William Morris, and also across the border at Welshpool in central Wales.

And, in fact, there are already signs that this is happening, particularly in the indoor world, with John Lewis reporting that online searches for ‘made in the UK’ have tripled since the start of the year. year.

So here’s where to find some of the best interior designs Britain has to offer, which will also help our economy get back on track.

Go designer

Somerset-born fashion designer Alice Temperley, favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge, has launched a range of interiors. All pieces in the Temperley capsule collection are produced from archival prints.

An Alice Temperley London cushion - a favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge

An Alice Temperley London pillow – a favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge

Embroidered velvet and satin cushions and tablecloths are made in Somerset.

Temperley’s home collection is available in her Mayfair store, but will go on sale online at the end of the month. Cushions start at £ 145, tablecloths at £ 120,

Matthew Williamson designed new jungle and leopard wallpapers for Osborne & Little, made in Lancashire.

Williamson says they were created to “lift morale – a philosophy that has never been more poignant than it is now.” Prices for the Daydreams collection start at £ 130,

Add history

Pick a floor from Ted Todd’s Cheshire workshops and you might find yourself stepping on planks that Winston Churchill once stepped on.

The Rare Finds collection includes wood reclaimed from the Liverpool docks and the war offices where Churchill worked.

Prices start from £ 59.94 per square meter,

Perfect Pottery

Bone porcelain is a staple for afternoon tea. But it doesn’t have to be stored for the best, it is excellent for everyday use, being the strongest and most durable ceramic tableware.

In addition, you can put it in the dishwasher. Xavier has been producing fine British porcelain at his Longton, Stoke-on-Trent factory for over 130 years.

The designs are timeless, with a huge choice of colors. The Wilding collection launched this month features designs by British artist David Urmston, detailing six creatures: the beaver, boar, wolf, lynx, white stork and auroch. Prices start at £ 36,

Nearby in Derbyshire you’ll find the site where Denby pottery, founded in 1809, is still made today.

The company sources its clay locally. A new collection – Impression – is launched this month.

The range encourages mix and match, with pebbly blues, charcoal, cream and pink. Prices from £ 5,

Encourage the walls

John Lewis’s British heritage runs deep, especially when it comes to his own branded wallpaper.

The designs are printed in Loughborough on the same site made famous by the designs of William Morris, and also across the border at Welshpool in central Wales.

Modern Archive designs are inspired by a collection of textiles and wallpapers held at the JLP Heritage Center.

There are 31 new models this season (from £ 35 a roll,

Turn up the fire

If you’re looking for a new fireplace this winter, call on the expertise of Renaissance London, specialist in antique restoration and reproduction in Shoreditch, London.

Owen Pacey, the founder, and his team create new fireplaces based on antique designs.

Her client list includes British celebrities Kate Winslet and Jeremy Irons. Prices from £ 1,400 on

What your home really needs … a sheepskin throw

A lush sheepskin throw or rug (faux or genuine) adds a cozy element, especially at this time of year as we slip into winter.

Yes, hygge – the Scandinavian warm contentment movement that spawned books on the delicacies of candles, logs, and hot chocolate – is set to flourish.

At Christmas, faux reindeer skins from Cox & Cox (, £ 150) will set the standard.

But while draping a plaid over the back of a dining chair or the arm of a sofa is an easy way to revive a tired room, don’t overdo it.

Your inspiration should be a chic mountain retreat, not a hunting lodge. The best thing about this look is the low cost.

Prices at Dunelm range from £ 10, pictured, to £ 160 (

The £ 15.99 rug from The Range ( works just as well on the floor as it does draped over an armchair. John Lewis offers faux rugs in various shades of gray for £ 35 (

For the real thing, the Wool Company (thewool offers rugs from £ 50 to £ 460.



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