January 23, 2021



eeswaran fdfs: Pongal Winner, Blockbuster, Mass Comeback: Eeswaran Twitter Review – Simbu starrer eeswaran Twitter Review

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Strong points:

  • Winner Pongal Eeswaran
  • Eeswaran movie is definitely a blockbuster

Was plump சிம்பு She lost 30 kg of her body weight with a lean arm Suchindran Featured in motion Easwaran The film was released today as a Pongal Festival Special. The film stars Nithi Agarwal opposite him. Nandita Swetha and Bharathiraja play the main roles.

Eeswaran struggled to get the film to theaters. Fans flocked to theaters to see the first screening of the first day of the film, which came out today, to get rid of all this glitch. Mahath Raghavendra, Simbu’s friend, younger sister Ilakia, Nithi Agarwal and conference filmmaker Suresh Kamatchi watched the film with fans.
People who saw Eeswaran said on social media:
We were fascinated by Simbu’s performance. He just carries the image on his shoulder. The last 30 minutes were on fire.

Tears came to see Simbu’s tremendous performance. Glad Eeswaran had a main reference in the film.
The first half didn’t seem to go away. Went fast. The leader is Shemaiah.
I saw Eswaran in Atlanta. Terrible Grace for Simbu in America. Compaq film adapted for Simbu. Suchindran knows very well how to film a family story. The scenes where Simbu and Bharathiraja meet are great. A must-see movie for the family. Definitely a blockbuster.

Chef Thea is back. The movie looks good even if it feels a bit dragging in the second half. The overreaction is the mainstay of the film.

They said that the suitable treat for Pongal is Eeswaran.

This is what Patti Suchindran told the master after trapping the release of Eeswaran


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