Drug manufacturers’ adjustment covers the results of a damaging study

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe lawsuit was filed by all US citizens.

The US pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline recently agreed in a court agreement to pay $ 63.8 million, as consumer complaints recently contained negative information about the safety and control of Paxil’s antidepressants. Apparently, Paxil was denied information about the increased risk of suicide in some of the children who were taking the drug, as well as ….  Read More

A new study shows the best places for rental cars and tourists in the UK.

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe survey in Northern Europe and North America

With the increase in the number of independent trips each year, British tourists can reach more tourist destinations. For many, car rental is a fundamental aspect of independent travel. 1 in 5 (9.3 million) British tourists rent a car to get to the place they chose. The recently released World Driving Survey reveals the habits ….  Read More

Cycling for Charities – California Wildfire Case Study

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe fires in California in October 2007 were already devastating

The fires in California in October 2007 were already devastating and many people want to raise money to help. Unfortunately, many illegal artists come out of the forest after a natural disaster to raise money and earn income. Well, these 23 fires in California have been normal so far, I’m not convinced that fires in ….  Read More

FEAR OF WOMEN: the wisdom of the book on compliance Books and Studies

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAproduction of children working in mines

As natural and spiritual radicals become more and more radical and fundamentalist, with the exception of the production of children working in mines, factories and the global market, psychologists see their selfish defense mechanisms more clearly. Many are actually protesting too much. But we say that. Of course, we believe that the ideal God is ….  Read More

5 important points you should consider before applying for a Canadian student visa!

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADACanadian student visa!

In recent years, educational institutions and universities have participated in rigorous advertising campaigns in Canada to educate international students and attract them to study in Canada. Responsibility for marketing and promoting Canada as a study destination and as training providers based on excellent CEC (Canada Learning Center), a non-profit organization. There are two reasons that ….  Read More

What you can expect as a teacher in the Canadian education system.

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADACanadian education system.

Canada’s continued growth and development is the result of world-class higher education in Canada. The favorable business environment based on skilled and skilled workers in Canada has been one of the business centers since the financial crisis hit the business community. The Canadian landscape is vast and varied, with a variety of resources at your ….  Read More