January 21, 2021



Bird flu: Complete ban on chickens, eggs .. State government action! – sikkim bans poultry products from other states to prevent bird flu

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In various states throughout India Bird flu Is spread fast. Central and state governments have made various efforts to control this.

In this case, the meat of the outer posts and Aai Bring articles included Sikkim State Government Fol Prohibition Oplein.

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The move is aimed at preventing bird flu from entering Sikkim. Sikkim Animal Husbandry and Medical Services Secretary Subba said in a statement that imports of meat and eggs from outlying areas would be banned.

The statement said, “The Sikkim government has banned the importation of meat and eggs from outside the state because of the spread of bird flu in various states and to prevent the spread of bird flu in our state.

The ban, which takes effect immediately, will last a month. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during bird flu in Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.


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