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bhoomi review: jayam delighted starrer bhoomi review and rating, rating: {2.0 / 5

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Bhuminathan, the hero of the film Bhoomi (Jayam Ravi) During the introduction, he meets reporters and explains the mission to Mars, claiming that he is a scientist working at NASA. Before going to Mars, he decides to go with his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) to his hometown of Tamil Nadu.

Bhoomi learns about the plight of the Farmers movie from the money-loving businessmen who have come to town. Earth, which was to go to Mars, first becomes a farmer and wants to fight and drag her hometown.

Lately, many directors have turned to farming in the movie Bumi while they have turned to farming. So we need to revisit the Heroes’ Dialogue on Agriculture. When you hear the land talk about enough farming to pass, stop it sounds like farming is the best.

I have to make them understand their situation in the films because the farmers are currently in difficulty in reality. But in movies like this, they do the exact opposite. It means the farmers are looking at the problem and discouraging us.

The heroine of the film has no job at all. Power (Agarwal Finance) Is the latest to join the list of cowardly female heroines in Tamil cinema. Wicked Richard (Ronit Roy) is more focused on the pronunciation of the verse according to sin.

The confrontation between the hero and the villain is not pleasant. You can easily guess what will happen next. Director Laxman has shown that the hero will solve any problem caused by the villain in the following scene.

For example, the villain has Larry hit, unable to market the items produced by the hero in a destructive way. The hero immediately finds another way to bear fruit. It’s not that easy to happen.

Funny thing is, the anti-company message film was shown on a company-owned OTD.


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