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Higher Schools of Science and Information Technology

0 commentsSTUDY IN USABrigham Young University.

About twenty years ago computer users are known as system analysts or MIS specialists. Today it has been converted to non-computer systems and the formation of a complete set. Information Sciences and Technologies were created to bring together information systems and make students more effective. Today’s schools for information science courses and technicians offer business ….  Read More

Drug manufacturers’ adjustment covers the results of a damaging study

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe lawsuit was filed by all US citizens.

The US pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline recently agreed in a court agreement to pay $ 63.8 million, as consumer complaints recently contained negative information about the safety and control of Paxil’s antidepressants. Apparently, Paxil was denied information about the increased risk of suicide in some of the children who were taking the drug, as well as ….  Read More

A new study shows the best places for rental cars and tourists in the UK.

0 commentsSTUDY IN CANADAThe survey in Northern Europe and North America

With the increase in the number of independent trips each year, British tourists can reach more tourist destinations. For many, car rental is a fundamental aspect of independent travel. 1 in 5 (9.3 million) British tourists rent a car to get to the place they chose. The recently released World Driving Survey reveals the habits ….  Read More

Meter Quality Control Systems in Australia – Components and Requirements

0 commentsSTUDY IN AUSTRALIAQuality Control Systems

Is the quality of work of accounting firms related to their size? Numerous studies in the past, as well as narrative evidence, suggest that small accounting firms generally tend to perform lower quality accounting than their larger counterparts. This is understandable because small businesses tend to be more competitive. As a result, they have less ….  Read More

Study at Home – Make the Most of Your Life

0 commentsSTUDY IN UKThe Internet has made home-based learning even easier.

With today’s highly competitive job market, many people are coming back to improve their skills. Others pursue their studies more for special interest or simply to improve their knowledge or broaden their experience. In both cases, an additional study is an excellent option for many people and more and more people benefit. In addition, the ….  Read More