Drug manufacturers’ adjustment covers the results of a damaging study

The US pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline recently agreed in a court agreement to pay $ 63.8 million, as consumer complaints recently contained negative information about the safety and control of Paxil’s antidepressants. Apparently, Paxil was denied information about the increased risk of suicide in some of the children who were taking the drug, as well as severe withdrawal symptoms after stopping the drug.

According to documented studies done internally by GlaxoSmithKline since 1997, the company has evidence that Paxil has little or no effect on the treatment of depression in children and adolescents. In addition, GlaxoSmithKline also knew that many children had the same suicidal thoughts as their parents, claiming that their children had suffered for years.

Regardless of this information, GlaxoSmithKline told its representatives that Paxil “has significant efficacy and safety in the treatment of adolescent depression.”

The lawsuit was filed by all US citizens. UU Who bought Paxil or Paxil CR for their children. The lawsuit allows anyone who has purchased a full refundable drug with a purchase confirmation. Anyone who can not reproduce a receipt is entitled to $ 15.

The lawsuit also indicates that GlaxoSmithKline may reject the lawsuit, which also indicates that consumers have had to pay large sums for the drugs they take. GlaxoSmithKline stated that it wanted to solve the problem in order to avoid additional procedural costs. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are expected to receive approximately $ 16.8 million. GlaxoSmithKline is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

This lawsuit is one of many examples of a defective system in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. The US Government UU He says it will not allow the importation of prescription drugs from foreign markets such as Canada and Europe because they can not guarantee the safety of their drugs. However, this allows such events to happen more frequently, which shows that the safety of our medications can not be guaranteed. The government is more interested in protecting drugs than in their health. If you are looking for a cheaper prescription drug, visit this consumer website for more information on applying a prescription drug prescription.

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