Ellen White Bible Study – Review

At first, the fact that there is a selection of leather coverings seems very useful. Sometimes you feel strong skin and sometimes soft skin. What I check is the soft leather edition. The spine and forehead were impressed by the beautiful line “leftovers of Bible study with comments of white eggs”. Enough from the outside allows us to judge the books with internal content and not through the cover, we have to do it!

This special Bible contains many features from the bottom up in the background cards. However, this is not the reason why this revision is the brilliance of Ellen White’s Bible. The translation of this Bible study is NKJV or New Version of King James for those who do not know the acronym. However, this plain English means a more literal translation of the entire Bible. I like the fact that the new King James uses up-to-date familiar language that he can share with others and lead a group study, but he still appreciates the King James translation. The words marked in red are the words of Jesus in this Bible, which in any case facilitates the distinction between things in the New Testament.

One of the best features of this Bible is the reference system of the Bible series. He will conduct twenty sessions of Bible study on topics ranging from the salvation of sin to the prophecy of the gospel. The good thing is that it’s easy to follow and also contains some useful cross-references. On the back of the Bible, there are also some useful additional studies, such as the origin of sin and the prophecies of Daniel’s section. These details are the subject of the great biblical debate between good and evil, showing the plan of salvation through the Hebrew sanctuary and how Jesus accomplished these things. He also discusses classical prophecies, such as the second chapter of Daniel, which examines the Babylonian dream of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s dream in chapter VII. Then try two of the most interpretive interpretations of Bible history for 70 weeks and 2300 days. I believe that in addition to the biblical facts, the historical plans contain everything that has already been heard about these prophecies.

The main advantage of a manual is perhaps the commentator. Unlike the Bible that Scofield and Rye wrote right away, you feel that Ellen White’s white paper has an advantage. The comment fields are blue and placed in the right place, where the reference to the text or topic is very logical. Some of Ellen White’s words about saving faith from her steps to Christ and desires of all times are brilliantly framed in this study.

So, what about clouds? Some may say that the fact that they do not currently appear in the James King issue in Remnant, while others say that some of the best comments on the most rigorous lyrics have been excluded Ellen White Bible Study Hits say that it’s bad.

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