Las Vegas needs the US first place for visitors in 2007

According to the American site Forbes Travel is the most visited city in the United States most obvious Candidates, such as New York, Orlando, Los Angeles or Chicago. However, this is the Super Stadium in the desert, Las Vegas. The tourist office data in the comprehensive study of the city well used by Smith Research Travel recognized hotel accommodation to come to a surprising conclusion.

The search results show that Vegas topped the list of 38.9 million visitors in 2006. Los Angeles is located at 13.5 million in second place and 25.4 million people in California. As for hotel rooms, Las Vegas is at the top, but this time Orlando La Point is in second place.

Founded in the early 20th century, Vegas did not begin with the massive rise to the most populous city in Nevada and the largest city in the United States, which was founded in the 20th century until the casinos and the Vegas Strip has emerged in the mid-forties, the four and a half kilometers long strips of some of the most luxurious hotels and luxury casinos in the United States, making it the entertainment capital of the world. Adult entertainment and alcohol at the casino table and the game is also a name for the city of sin, a call in which the city grows and is marketed, leading to the tourist slogan: “What’s happening in Vegas to stay in Las Vegas? “.

There are many other reasons why Vegas attracts many visitors from the United States and Europe. Whatever the obvious attractions of the band, the super casinos and the incredible riding. The falling dollar means that Europeans are getting a lot more money. In the United States there are many hotel rooms and cheap car rentals, just like in Las Vegas, which is a lot of money for gamblers to make money for casinos.

For those who want to go on a “gang” cruise, you can take some of the most exciting, exotic, expensive and exclusive car rental companies in the US, even with cars like Ferrari, Porches, Vipers, Hummers and almost all luxury vehicles. Other You can assign a name to the screen. For a fictional residence in the United States, add the penthouses available at the top hotels an exclusive car rental added, and you can live the life of a millionaire, as long as there is enough money and you know that in Las Vegas, because it’s not a lot!

Adam Singleton is an independent online journalist and professional amateur photographer from Scotland.

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