A new study shows the best places for rental cars and tourists in the UK.

With the increase in the number of independent trips each year, British tourists can reach more tourist destinations. For many, car rental is a fundamental aspect of independent travel. 1 in 5 (9.3 million) British tourists rent a car to get to the place they chose. The recently released World Driving Survey reveals the habits and concepts of British motorists abroad. Showcase the best and worst holiday experiences in places around the world.

The survey shows that Northern Europe and North America are generally regarded as the safest and most exciting car rental experiences. It is perhaps not surprising that France is the most popular destination for motorists in the United Kingdom, followed by Spain and the United States. In terms of leadership, North America tops the list of favorites, with the United States and Canada ranked first and second, respectively.

The World Driving Survey gives an insight into the perception of British motorists abroad and provides those who expect a rental car as part of their holiday what they expect from the destination of their choice. Existing resources, such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s advice in general, can generally be taken into account. The new study provides direct information and opinions of visitors on what is expected of the leadership culture in the target region.

Given the growing popularity of foreign tourists in the United Kingdom and the steady growth of independent vacations, it is interesting to note the popularity, preferences and feelings of British cyclists abroad who wish to inform and educate their drivers. wait at doors that open a lot of cars.

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